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Smithfield Meeting is pastoral Quaker Meeting located at 108 Smithfield Road in Woonsocket, RI 02895 phone: 401-762-5726 email: smithfieldfriends@cox.net

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January 2006

1st  Month 

Meeting for Worship: First Day (Sunday) at 10:30 AM

Updated: 01.13.06

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Smithfield Meeting's banner at FWCC Triennial

Richard Frechette, Clerk

Marnie Miller-Gutsell, Pastor

Cindy Keene, Treasurer

Randy Oftedahl,Newsletter/WebFriend

Diane Gauthier, Clerk of Ministry and Counsel

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War Tax Resistance

by Susan Furry



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Following the Journey of Job Scott (complete)

The travel journal of Marnie Miller-Gutsell

or in individual pdf files

Volume I   :    Volume II   :   Volume III

Volume IV   :    Volume V   :   Volume VI  :  Volume VII

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Smithfield Friends Meeting Minute on War Profiteering

(October 2003)


photo: afsc.org


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Smithfield Friends Newsletter

most recent: January 2006

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~ established 1719 ~

An Illustrated History of

Smithfield Friends Meeting

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The Christmas Play is a play our First Day School has presented for the last several years. It can be done with as few as 8 children, and the lines are easy enough for even the young ones to remember...and there is a lot of room for creative props!

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  Directions to Smithfield Friends Meeting

From Providence, take Rt. 146 North to Woonsocket.  When 146 splits, bear RIGHT onto 146 A.  Continue through 3 lights (past Stop and Shop and past "the Beef Barn").  Meetinghouse in on top of the hill, across from Union Cemetary.

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