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About the name Oftedahl

Referenced to : Christoffer Oftedahl, Solhögdvei 22, Trondheim, Norway

Oftedahl (Oftedal or Oltedal) is changed from the Old Norse Oltirdal (Oltir = swan; Oal = valley).  This valley is located in the parish Giestal (Jesta’ul) in County Time of the district Jareu, southwest Norway, and south of Stavanger.  The valley had in the early 1800’s only two forms, Oure (upper) and Nedre (lower). The people there also had the name Oftedal or Oftedahl – also at times written Oltedal. Today the valley is written Oftedal whereas most people write their name Oftedal (the most common spelling) or Oftedahl (a rarer spelling).  Anyone (Norwegians especially) who can verify or correct this information, please do.

Oftedahl History: Old World and New… Revised September 2001 by Donald Oftedahl

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